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Christopher Mulkey is a seasoned bar industry professional with over 21 years of experience. Originally hailing from Dallas, Texas, he spent 13 years honing his craft in the vibrant city of San Antonio before embarking on an 8-year adventure in Austin. Outside of the bar scene, Christopher finds joy in exploring the world through travel, indulging his passion for aviation, and seeking solace in the great outdoors through hunting and fishing. His diverse interests reflect a deep appreciation for adventure and a love for nature that fuels his spirit. With a wealth of experience and a zest for life, Christopher continues to make his mark in the bar industry while embracing new adventures and experiences that enrich his journey.



Cirina boasts over two decades of service industry experience, spanning San Antonio, TX; Stuttgart, Germany; and Washington, DC. Her career encompasses a range of restaurant and bar environments, all supported by a bachelor's degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio. Cirina’s global perspective and extensive knowledge enrich DuMont's Down Low’s beverage offerings. In her leisure time, she enjoys running and caring for her two pugs, bringing a balance of energy and calm to her life both inside and outside the bar.